I grew up in Kansas City and went on to attend the University of Virginia (UVA). I graduated with high distinction from UVA, where I double majored in Computer and Electrical Engineering, and minored in Business. I did this while launching Meditation for Students, a university-sponsored student organization to encourage the proliferation of meditation practices to help students better manage the chaos of attending an elite, academic university.

After graduating from UVA, I worked as a Functional Safety Systems Engineer and Architect within Intel's Autonomous Driving Group. I learned a great deal about how safety-critical software and hardware systems operate, and how to make decisions that could impact the safety of hundreds of thousands of people. I was the most junior engineer by about eight years; still, I operated as the technical lead for a team of five senior engineers. Together, our team delivered one of three major components in Intel's platform on-time. I was promoted to "senior engineer" after one year of work and was told I was on track to be a Principle Engineer.

I left Intel to further my understanding of AI through a M.S. in Computer Science at UT Austin, and I'll graduate in December 2020. I'm currently solving interesting problems in Data Science on a contractual basis, while playing around with some startup ideas. I love the process of creatively solving open-ended and challenging problems – a daily task for most entrepreneurs. I also love developing my understanding of the world, and I plan to leverage that understanding to create an organization that solves meaningful problems in an ethically-responsible way.